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May 23 – August 15, 2012

As street art gains in popularity among the contemporary art world, the unique relationship between the artists’ public and print work is often overlooked.  In an attempt to reclaim public space, street artists apply repetition with a multiplicity of familiar aesthetics and imagery—allowing the anonymous artists to create an easily recognizable identity for themselves. Printmaking’s potential for reproduction and circulation offers an alternative vehicle to make their work accessible for the public. (Re)Print celebrates the connection found between these salient aspects of both street art and printmaking.

Often limited to an online market, (Re)Print aims to create a more direct interaction for street art lovers and buyers alike. While not always known by name, familiar motifs found in both their prints and street work are what popularize these artists and enable them to create a visual identity. The exhibition will evolve as the work on view changes and grows throughout the twelve week run, creating an informal experience that offers an alternative to the typical gallery environment.

In conjunction with this event, Hendershot Gallery has invited a select group of artists to create new site-specific installations as part of (Re)Print’s growing underground street art project. Murals by the artists will be open to the public for the duration of the summer, however, the exact location will remain undisclosed—attempting to preserve the excitement experienced when one unexpectedly discovers a work of street art.

While the rest of the art world may slow down for the summer, Hendershot Gallery will be hosting a program of parties and events to celebrate new additions to the show, special performances and projects around the Bowery. For more information, go to www.hendershotgallery.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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